For Healthy Plants and a Healthy Planet


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For Healthy Plants and a Healthy Planet


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For Healthy Plants and a Healthy Planet


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For Healthy Plants and a Healthy Planet


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What is PittMoss?®

PittMoss® is a revolutionary product designed to be used as a plant growing substrate. It is made of recycled newspaper and helps plants develop stronger root systems and uniform growth. PittMoss® is the product of decades of experimentation to find the ideal growing medium to encourage healthy plant development while practicing a more responsible use of our natural resources.

Healthy, Beautiful Plants

PittMoss® helps plants grow better due to its unique properties:

  • Superior water retention for extended shelf life, improved wilt point, and reduced water requirements
  • Excellent porosity for superior delivery of water and nutrients to roots
  • Pathogen free for reduction of chemical application

Quality and Reliability

As a manufactured fiber produced in a controlled environment, PittMoss® is:

  • Available year round and not subject to seasonality
  • Free of pathogens and foreign objects such as sticks and twigs
  • Engineered to quality specifications

Natural and Sustainable

PittMoss® is one of the most sustainable innovations in modern horticulture because it:

  • Is made from recycled paper rescued from dwindling landfill space
  • Protects ground water by reducing runoff of fertilizers and chemicals
  • Reduces demand on strained water supply
Wetting Agent 0%
Lime Additive 0%
Fungicide 0%
Insecticide 0%
Environmentally Sustainable 100%

Our goal is to apply our technical know-how to growing healthier plants.

Peat Moss plus PittMoss® is a next generation innovation for the horticulture industry.

While peatlands account for only 3% of the Earth’s surface, they hold, or sequester, nearly 33% of the world’s stored soil carbon. When harvested, organic materials are used, thus impacting natural habitats and releasing carbon that has been stored for eons. Adding PittMoss® to the mix helps stretch our natural resources and reduce any harmful impact without introducing any new potentially damaging side-effects.

PittMoss® is an upcycled solution that reduces multiple environmental risks while delivering many innovative benefits to the crucial growing industry.

Advantages of PittMoss®


When comparing the cost of using PittMoss® to the cost of materials plus labor for any other growing substrate and necessary amendments, PittMoss® is far more economical to use.


Of the 9 billion gallons of water consumed in the US each day, 30-60% is used to water lawns, gardens, and outdoor plants. PittMoss® grown plants have proven to require up to 50% less water (as well as preventing water run-off) during commercial trials.


The manufacture and usage of PittMoss® can contribute favorably to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by mitigating the impact of consuming irreplaceable resources while keeping waste paper out of our landfills.


PittMoss®, with its unique fiber structure, significantly increases air space (or porosity). This enables the fiber to hold on to water and nutrients, releasing them slowly to plant root systems.


Commercial growers can extend the shelf-life of plants by using PittMoss®. Stronger root systems and drought tolerance created by the more hydrophilic properties of PittMoss can help plants stay healthier in transit and last longer in retail environments.


Using PittMoss® helps ensure that all the money spent and time invested in home gardening won’t be wasted by planting in an inferior growing medium. No matter how beautiful and healthy-looking a plant you purchase, if the roots aren’t healthy, the plant won’t last. Check the roots and use PittMoss® to get stunning results from all your gardening efforts.

We’re constantly exploring new PittMoss® applications. Contact our sales team to learn how PittMoss® can improve your operations and growing mix.


Phipps Conservatory
"We’re all very impressed!”
Katie Werner
Greenhouse Foreman
Trax Farms
“I’ve been working with potting mix all of my life. Why didn't I think of this?... Are you seeking investors?"
Chuck Trax
North Creek Nurseries" alt="Laura Nafziger">
"PittMoss® has improved binding qualities and higher water holding capacity which will reduce our water inputs. We’re already experiencing quicker crop finishes with certain genera which is very exciting."
Laura Nafziger
Head Grower