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About PittMoss® 

PittMoss® was initially developed under the trade name NUPEAT and earned U.S. Patent # 5,653,053 and Phase 1 Grant Funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program utilizing that name.

Comparative growth research between PittMoss® and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss were conducted at a major Midwestern university  The analysis of PittMoss® was conducted by two doctorate level researchers in Agronomy and Horticulture and included the following:

  • determining the elemental composition of the product compared to peat moss.
  • evaluating the water and nutrient retention characteristics and aeration capacity.
  • monitoring the growth of plants cultivated in various PittMoss®/peat moss mixes .
  • conducting elemental analysis of PittMoss® and peat moss.
  • conducting elemental analysis of plant matter to determine uptake values.
  • conducting leachate testing for various results including nitrogen release data.
  • sampling various regional sources of newsprint for facility sighting purposes.   
Results of the growth study concluded that PittMoss® could be utilized extensively by commercial greenhouses and nurseries at a 50% replacement rate as currently formulated.  However, conclusions also indicate that with an organic or non-organic source of Nitrogen added to the current formula the replacement value of peat could reach 100%.  

PittMoss®/Nupeat growth trial study found here:    EPA Final Report 

The PittMoss® Growers & Association

Greenhouse and Nursery growers who purchase
PittMoss® will automatically become members of the association.  Membership benefits include;
  • www.PittMossGrown.com will promote each commercial grower using PittMoss™ and eventually www.PittMossPremium.com will promote the products of licensed distributors of PittMoss™ Premium Potting Mixes.
  • a portion of revenue from each sale of PittMoss® will be set aside to fund the annual budget of the association
  • member growers & distributors will govern themselves by determining officers and a board of directors of their choice and direct the PGDA funds set aside on their behalf as they see fit.
  • marketing or advertising campaigns will be designed to promote the sustainable crops grown by each member
    • promotional campaigns will include PittMoss® Grown or PeatFree Tags, labels, stakes or pots.
    • advertising, public relations support, social media support
    • group tradeshow attendance
All activities supporting the PGDA will be managed in the offices of the PittMoss Development Company, LLC but solely at the direction of the grower/members.  

      PittMoss® Premium Potting Mixes

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